I animate, I model, I texture, I code,
I experiment, I study, I fail, then I don’t,
I make things that can move,
I do math just for fun.
I am a Technical Artist. Hello! Whats for lunch?

My name is Pierre Bezuidenhout and I am 34 yrs old.
I specialize in creative coding practices in my current favorite engine, Unity. I build games that I want to play, with features that I want to see, because it’s fun.

I am an experienced Technical Artist, constantly trying new and unique technologies to make the strangest things possible. My most fulfilling activities are creating new modular systems that make editing existing and future projects easier, faster and cleaner. I’m constantly making new tools for my toolbox, as and when they become viable additions. I have a set of custom shortcuts, user commands and presets for Maya that’s been migrating and adapting with me for over 10 years now, because, you know, customization is king. I am also responsible for creating new and exciting custom emoji’s for use in our slack teams.

I have been in the Digital Industry for well over 12 years now. Thriving in the Animation industry for all that time, swimming through the Advertising circles for half of it, Mentoring and Teaching tertiary courses for 4 years (more than a 100 students have passed through these gates), and developing Desktop and Mobile Games in all the possible roles for 6 years. Also, having been involved in some very interesting award winning projects, there’s so much to brag about.. but not here. Not today.